Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome to Thimbleweeds Quilting Bee's Blog

As we're wrapping things up for the year - Christmas Party next month - we thought it would be fun to start a blog.

What better way to start than with pictures of the pumpkin block exchange - only a few of us had their quilts together, so if you finish your's up just bring your quilt in to the next meeting and we'll take a picture during show and tell.

If you are new, here is what we did. There were 16 people participating in the exchange for our bee, so we each made 16 pumpkin blocks and 16 sixteen patch blocks out of fall colors. It was so much fun that we are planning on a Spring block exchange.

Quilters are so creative and it was amazing to see what everyone came up with.

Karlene made twice as many blocks, so she ended up with two of each block and a king sized quilt.
Francine set her quilt with sashing and a turkey from Margie's skinny's patterns. The sunflowers and the smaller flowers were all her own design.
Kathy added sashing, pumpkins and sixteen patches in the borders.
I set all of my pumpkins together and used the sixteen patches around the border. I added a picket fence that I made up and a scarecrow from a pattern.
Penny opted to make a few table runners with her pumpkins. The pumpkins look upside down here, but when the runner is on a table, they are visible from both sides.
She set the sixteen patches on point and made a twin sized quilt.
Konda emailed this picture of her finished quilt!
We can't wait to see the rest of them!


  1. Those all look so great! What a bunch of talent! :)

  2. Some really fun quilts here! Love all the variations of pumpkins.

  3. Those quilts are fantastic -- I love the turkey!